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St Augustine

This is the most commonly grown variety in most of the urban coastal regions of Florida. In fact, many people refer to Floratam just as "St. Augustine". It is a very good dense sod which spreads by sending out "runners" that can cover new area over time. It adapts well to a wide variety of Florida soils. It is characterized by a tall wide leaf blade and a beautiful dark green color. As with all St Augustines, it will require regular watering and an irrigation system is recommended. Floratam is a full sun grass which needs at least 5 hours of sunlight per day. The best time of year to install sod is in the spring and the fall however, you can install Floratam year round in central and south Florida.



Seville, Bitter Blue

These are more shade tolerant varieties of St. Augustine. You will need to use one of these variations when the area to be sodded receives less then five hours of sunlight per day. Seville and Bitter Blue are semi-dwarf, meaning that they have shorter leaf blade. The Palmetto has a taller leaf blade and is often confused with Floratam. All of these more shade tolerant varieties have a slightly darker color and can be used in full sun. If you have a yard that is half shade and half sun you may wish to cover the whole area with one of these grasses. Installing "shade" grass in the warmer months is not recommended due to increased fungus susceptibility. As a result, Southbay Sod will only sell "shade" grasses from the fall to spring.


This is a very common pasture grass in Florida. It has much higher drought tolerance then St. Augustine. Bahia is a relatively thin bladed grass that propagates itself by sending up long narrow stalks which have black seed pods at the end. It is possible to have a nice thick lawn of Bahia with regular watering and fertilization. Bahia is also the least expensive sod available.



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